Project: HandyFTP

HandyFTP is an Internet FTP and FXP file transfer application for OS/2 PM, Mac, Linux/Unix and Win32.

HandyFTP is built using another Netlabs projects Dynamic Windows which allows it to be easily compiled on multiple platforms. For people wishing to build from source you will need to first get the Dynamic Windows source and compiled that before getting the HandyFTP source compiled.

HandyFTP has been in development on and off since 1998. It's user interface has been redesigned multiple times. Orginally it was designed using the cell toolkit, but due to lack of support and numerous bugs in the cell toolkit a new toolkit needed to be designed. Dynamic Windows was born out of this need.

HandyFTP has been the main testbed for this development and thus should be very stable from a GUI perspective. The FTP/FXP core has been more neglected and contains numerous bugs.

HandyFTP 1.0 beta 3 has recently been released using the updated Dynamic Windows features.

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